B.A.G.--Bags Across the Globe

Hi Teresa,
I hope that you had a wonderful time with your workshop in Gualala.  I had a fabulous visit with
Conserve India in Delhi, and by the end of August I hope to have it posted on my website for everyone to enjoy.  My two fashion design students (just graduated) will remain there to work as interns for 6 months. It's an incredible experience for them.  See attached photo of us in the Old Delhi bazaar.

I hope that all of us who are working on this problem can stay in touch and support each other.
Best regards,

Here I am with the BAG bags that Ann gave to me. Actually, she gave them to Harmony to give to me. :) Aren't they great? I love that she has her students help make them. And, I get to give one of them away. I will be announcing a freebie including one of these bags and some other fun goodies on Monday. Stay tuned! Have a good weekend. Teresa

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