Were back!

This is how it went:

700am--realize keys are locked in the rental car, YIKES, call around, someone will come by 819
820--locksmith shows up
825--car is unlocked
835--on the road to Oakland Airport
855--doing well, traffic not bad, great, we will get there for our 1045 flight
905--traffic slowing down, standstill, ambulances fly by, police fly by
940--still sitting in traffic, going NOWHERE
950--everyone in the car needs a pitstop, back on the road, still not moving, I am officially getting nervous
958--traffic finally moves, we go by the accident, it was bad
1000--hubby, frantically, but within the speed limit, trying to get us to the airport
1018--pull up at curb, dump out bags, get everything to outside check in
1025--checked in, boarding passes in hand, RUN
1030--through security, REALLY? Wow, don't complain, RUN again
1035--at gate, thank you for being a CLOSE gate
1040--on plane, still panting, thinking about ordering a cocktail and I am not even a drinker!
500pm--land in Nashville, neighbor picks us up, feeds us dinner, kids all play together
1000--everyone is in bed, I let out a big sigh, looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

More on the story, hubby is a pilot so he doesn't need a ticket, he returned the dusty, dirty rental car, last I talked to him he was in Denver trying to get to Nashville, he should get here tonight. Yes, it was us, the crazy people running through the airport this morning in Oakland. Sorry I didn't stop to say hi! :)

We had a great trip. Thank you so very much to Harmony and Sus and to my wonderful cousin Rick and his wife Wendy, the hospitality all of you showed us is UNMATCHED! Teresa


sweetpea said...

welcome home!!!

AdinB said...

Welcome Home! We just got home from a vacation and was our first flight with a toddler. Oh yeah! It was scary at first, but things went well. It is always good to be home!