3B Bags

Great inexpensive produce bags!
These 3B bags are great, lightweight and washable. Right now if you order 3, you get another for free! OR, you could use the Green Bag Lady Produce Bag Pattern and make your own! Happy plastic free shopping! Teresa


- - Sheryl - - said...

They state virtually weightless - what material would I buy to make them very light as not to "pay" for the weight of the bag with the fruit at the check out? thanks and I'll check back for a reply and use your pattern too.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I use cotton voile to make my bags. Check in any fabric store and they are sure to have some, you can pick some fun patterns too! Also, you could use the sheer kind of fabric that is used to make curtains as well, I'm not sure what that fabric is called though. Thanks for asking Sheryl, let me know if you make some! Teresa

Robert said...

Very helpful blog, Thanks for sharing.

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