Guest Post by Urban Comfort--Going Green. . .

Hi everyone--TGIF! For your Friday reading pleasure, a wonderful guest post from the LOVELY and FABULOUS Suzonne Stirling of Urban Comfort. My favorite is the last photo! Feast your eyes and enjoy. Thanks Suzonne! Teresa 
Upcycled champagne corksI've started noticing a subtle shift in my design interests. It's not an overnight process and I'm not particularly adept at executing the concept yet, but I find myself being drawn more and more to eco-friendly design and creative upcycling. I know it's almost trendy these days, but it would be better for all of us if it becomes a permanent trend.
I can't say exactly where it's coming from - more enticing designs that capture my attention and encourage me to think outside the box or an understanding that I need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, or maybe just being the mother of a child who wholeheartedly embraces the idea of recycling and already is more clever with it than I am.
Whatever it is, as I find myself making changes to my home and thinking about what I'd like to add or what I need, I have first begun to question whether there's a way to repurpose something else.  As I've begun to travel down this particular design path, I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the efforts of others. Here's some of what I've found:
Fruit CratesThe steel shelving system I've had my eye on for the kitchen costs upwards of $400 and I can't say that I like it any more than this vintage fruit crate solution.{via Country Living}
Carriage seat
What a clever way to repurpose a carriage seat! {This, and title image of repurposed champagne corks via Poetic Home)
Suitcase ChairA vintage suitcase turned into a chair {Image via Recreate}
Dish display rackA shipping pallet turned dish display rack {via The Green Children}
Spoon Rack
Spoons and reclaimed wood turned into a useful coat rack {via Etsy}
Recycled Kitchen
I love how effortlessly recycled wood pieces mix with contemporary elements {via French by Design}
Upcycled-wood-crate-kitchenUpcycled wooden crate cabinetry {via Web Urbanist}
Yardsticks adorning stair risers {via Design Sponge}
RulerRuler Tabletop {via Country Living}
A clever way to repurpose old sweaters {via Country Living}
Plaster A plaster-dipped floral "sculpture" looks nothing like the artificial floral arrangement it started as {via Daily Danny}
Doily dressAdmittedly, this has nothing to do with the home, but a wedding dress created from repurposed doilies - brilliant! {via Handmade Bits and Pieces}