2 great shopping bags. . .

Look at these fun bags. If I had the time I would make some of these for all of you! Maybe you can make some like this! If you do, please send me photos!

The bag was created by Sally Red. She says the following about her bag:

"When I thought about making a shopping tote, the old nursery rhyme "To market, to market" entered my head.  From there it went on to include, "to buy a pink pig and some peas"!  I used an old jacket, some quilting scraps, grommets from an old shower curtain (painted with a marker to stripe), some trim from my stash. The sweet pea design from www.bertinastudio.comThe pink pig from www.bunnycup.com.The bag pattern is my own, based on the fabrics I had available.  I love the details on the bag...the quilted front and back, the colors, the whimsical theme, handy inside pocket, matching key fob, and the hand-painted grommets to help carry the weight of the full tote.  This should make grocery shopping a LOT more fun!"

This bag is from Margaret Ann Eaton from Australia.  She says the following about her bag:

"The materials are all natural except for the bead and floral embellishments. The bag exterior is made from Hessian, the lining is made from unbleached Calico and the straps are cotton webbing. The embroidery is done using natural Rayon thread and the whole bag is stitched together using cotton thread. The bag measures 12.25 inches wide by 13.5 inches high by 5 inches deep. The webbing straps are a very comfortable 2 inches wide by 23.5 inches long and continue underneath the base of the bag for added support to carry heavier groceries."

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Meg, Makes ME want to go Shopping!!!