Today in Mississippi!

Bagette April and I had a GREAT time in Corinth today. Everyone we met was wonderful and many people brought us fabric, LOTS of fabric! The back of my car was FULL when we left! Take a look at our day. . .
A couple of trains went by while we were there. . .
We were greeted with flowers on the table and baskets of cute fabric for bags!
Great musical entertainment! The boy in the middle is only 13!
The musicians found an immediate use for their bags while packing up!
The best part, sweet people who brought us fabric!

Look at my FULL car!
I even stopped at my office on the way home, look at all this great fabric!
Here is the gang from the Green Market with Bagette April and I. EVERY photo is better with jazz hands!
April and I got t-shirts too!
Thanks Green Market, we had a fabulous time! Teresa

2 comments: said...

looks like a great day!!!! People really are generous and wonderful!

Karen Beth said...

We REALLY enjoyed having you at Green Market! It was a great day and having you there just topped it off! I do hope we can arrange for you to come back next season. Thanks again for everything!

Karen Beth :)