Wisconsin Bag!

Hi Teresa,

I received one of your bags through a giveaway. Here's a photo of my bag in action: I went to the hardware store, the pet store, and the craft store, and used your bag instead of getting plastic bags at each place. It was also easier to bring just the one bag into the house after my shopping trip!



angelina said...

this is lovely.
i am making a large shopping bag today out of an old pair of my toobig blue jeans...xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my photo and email! I'm enjoying the bag, and was happy to see that you have patterns on your blog. I sew a little bit, so I'm going to give it a try!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Angelina, send us a photo of the bag and we will post it! Jillbert, glad you are enjoying the bag, the pattern is SO easy, even for a beginner, there is also a how to video for making a bag too! Teresa