Famous Friend. . .

Remember THIS POST when I talked about the wedding I went to and they had a Smilebooth there? Well, look at this, my friend Delaney and her hubby are now on Martha Stewart Real Weddings! Isn't that cool? The best thing, all the flowers in the middle of the tables were made from magazine pages. They looked great and can be recycled! Happy day! Teresa

Additional note from Delaney:
Yay, thanks T! We actually recycled a TON of stuff around the wedding... all the glass jars we used on the tables were either cleaned from our homes (like jam jars, etc) or bought at thrift stores. We used the compostable corn cups and spoons for the snowballs and lemonade, as well. The idea of throwing away big bags of garbage after our wedding was just something I wasn't down with! Thanks so much for the shout-out!

xo Dmg.
delaney mae

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