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30 things you should never compost or recycle

Though recycling and composting are two of the most important green practices, there are some items that are bad for the environment. Follow these guidelines for best practices.
By Chris Baskind
LIKE OIL AND WATER: These items don't mix with recycling. (Photo: john nolan photography/Flickr)
Remember the good ol' days — back when we only had one bin for trash? In retrospect, those days were actually more wasteful than good. We sent things to the landfill that might have nourished our yards, and buried them side-by-side with materials which should have been reclaimed and put back in the production chainToday, most of us have two bins: one for compost, and another for recycling. They're great for reducing curbside trash, but not everything is suitable for one bin or the other.
We've rounded up 30 things people mistakenly try to compost or recycle. In the case of composting, we chose items generally avoided by experienced compost gurus. For recycling, we've picked things prohibited by most municipal sytems, or of limited use to commercial recyclers. Ready? To the bins!

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