Ohio Bag!

Hi Teresa!

Thank you so much for Bag Number 11170! The heavy plastic bag I got as part of a 5K race information packet and used for longer than anticipated for frozen food finally bit the dust. My sewing machine and serger were in the repair shop for a long time on life support. Of course the family still clamored for food, which meant I still had to shop. The Green Bag Lady Bag came at just the right moment!

I'm including a photo of me breaking in Bag #11170. My husband and I went to Target and we bought an impromptu Halloween decoration as well as our planned items. Everything fit in the bag nicely! Quite possibly a little too nicely. I put the bag on the belt ahead of the items I wanted to buy so the woman at the cash register would have it to bag my items. She kept looking for a price tag and didn't' realize it was my own!

Thank you so much!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods

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