Black Friday FREEBIE! 25 WINNERS!

Are you stuffed? I am. I'm not going to eat for 8 days. We'll see how long that lasts! Anyway, it's time for a FREEBIE! How about some Christmas bags for wrapping presents? How about 25 WINNERS?

Remember we are doing the "Green Wrapping Year" and the Green Grocery Bag Challenge with Sew, Mama, Sew, we thought it would be nice to GIVE away some bags! 

Anyone can enter this freebie, if you already have a bag from us, that's ok, just tell us who you would like to gift it to instead! 

To enter the freebie, please do the following:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks. 

•In your comment, share with us what you are doing on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving, which was today, for our international friends).


25 Christmas bag winners will be chosen from the comments. But, EVERYONE who enters will get a shopping bag if you do not already have one from us. Good luck!  Teresa



Anonymous said...

Would love another bag. Would give it to our daughter who is working on an organic farm. As for tomorrow, hopefully I won't be doing much. Getting pizza for dinner and maybe, the supermarket for a great steak sale. Today was exhausting. Happy Thanksgiving.


nametyheev said...

Hi! I really like your bags! I ask please send me a bag to my address:

Nikolai Nametyhev
Rostovskaja ob,Semikarakorskij r-on,

Norman said...

Fabulous Offer We want to make some grocery bags ourselfes to give to Loaves & Fishes. Thank You for this Freebie, we will pass it along.

Adryteje said...

Hi, I would love a christmas bag for my christmas shopping!
Thanks for your freebie!

Connie said...

I love what you are doing and hope that you can send me a bag.I think it will be a nice gift for my niece when I take her out.

brenda said...

What a great idea! I'd love a bag to give away to the food bank. I know my daughter will want to make some for her friends too!


- - Sheryl - - said...

I love cloth bags! Those are wonderful - I would give it to my daughter as she is a student in Boston and walks everywhere to get to the grocery store, the pharmacy and classes. She is also a cloth bag lover! Keeps her items secure when walking and on the train.

luv2scrap44 at yahoo dot com
thanks !

ASC said...

Oh my goodness, these bags are too cute! I'd love to give one to my sister in law. Today, for Black Friday, I hit the mall and the local Christian bookstore with my mom and daughter -- with my Green Bag Lady bag in hand to tote purchases! :)
Amy in Texas
inkdotwell at verizon dot net

Anonymous said...

Hello, My daughter just became a new stay @ home mom and it very excited to start being more frugal, reduce her carbon foot print and recycle and reuse. She mention that she needs to get some reusable bags for shopping. I plan to get her some for Christmas. However, I think she would feel honored to have one of your bags. I went shopping today. Thank you, Sincerely Karen

Elissa said...

I relaxed at home with my son!


Karen said...

Would love a Christmas bag! I went to Wal-Mart, had some relatives visit and worked on a crochet project.

Thanks for the great give away!


JoAnn said...

I would love anothe one. I am trying to get my BFF to use them. They are so much better to use.

Thank you, JoAnn

Susanne Cooper said...

Come back soon to visit us in Corinth, Mississippi. We loved having you!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

We had so much fun in Corinth and got so much fabric from all you kind people! We will see what fits in the schedule for the future!

cindy said...

I am hosting an ornament making party with my cousins from Monterey, California. They needed lots of news ones to start a fresh from a divorce.


Angie said...

Wow I would love a bag!!
I spent the day sleeping in and then worked the rest of the day!! Planning on getting a lil online shopping in before the end of the day :)

Angela said...

already have a bag but I would "gift it" to my friend Janice :)


Anonymous said...

hung out with my mom and best friend :)


Anonymous said...

I worked all day.



Anonymous said...

Shopped til I dropped!


Anonymous said...

I would love a bag.

I stayed home on Black Friday. Always have.Never have been one to like crowd's .

rainbowstar2842 at MSN dot com


Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love your bags! Please, send me a bag to my address:
Tanya Skliar
220051, Belarus, Minsk, Esenina 63-14

Thank You for this Freebie, we will pass it along.

Patricia said...

Your christmas bags are so cutie. I've been using cloth bags for years now. Last couple of years I've done most of my Christmas shopping online. On Friday I worked the day shift at the nursing home I am a certified nurse


Bagette Dad said...

ALL ENTRANTS: You MUST leave your EMAIL address, NOT your postal address.
Bagette Dad.

Nikki said...

I would love a bag they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I think what you do is fabulous! I spent black friday braving the crowds with my chico bags in hand.
I got lots of comments on the fact that I brought my own bags too! I am glad that we have finally made it to the point where people don't look at you like your crazy for bringing your own bags.


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Tonya, me too! I was just at Michael's today and told the checker that I didn't need a bag at all and that we would just carry our items and she didn't even blink. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I would love to receive a bag from you. I don't have one. On black friday I stayed home. I just could not go to the stores with so many people out there. Please send me a bag.

Lynne S of Oz said...

On Black Friday, being in Australia, I didn't hit the shops. I had to go to work! (I don't usually work on Fridays) It was hot and humid in the car (someone left the window open and it rained the previous night). I became rather excited about making and will use the left over fabric to make baggies for the bunting :-) (Blogger will link to my email)

Maple Creek said...

You always have such fantastic give-always. If I were to win I would have to give the bag to my friend who just had twins. Along with some fabric diapers. :)



Roberta said...

I already have one of your bags and I love it (yes I need to send a photo ;) I keep it in my purse at all times and use it for all my errands. I'd love to gift on to my niece who lives out in Burbank, CA and since she shops in LA alot she really needs one with the new law banning plastic bags from vendors...yee ha! Roberta

mrstruckdogg said...

I always seem to miss you at the Farmers Market! I would love to win a bag!!!

Cheryl Woda said...

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Love your bags, would love to get another one to give to my niece who has been traveling all over the country. Would be great for her to carry her things in such as magazines to read on her plane flights, as well as her makeup and personal items and a couple changes of clothes. You do fantastic work making the bags and its wonderful that you share them with everyone to spread the joy of recycling. Kudos to you and all your helpers. You all ROCK!!

Cheryl Woda
241 NE 45 Street
Fort Lauderdale,Fl

master468 said...


Did nothing on Black Friday weekend except avoid the malls :)

Anna Zhdanko said...

Hello! I have very much become interested in yours blog! I want to receive one of your fine bags! Unfortunately, I badly speak in English, I would like to talk to you, but I can't. Send, please, to me a handbag pediatrann(at)yandex(dot)ru.
I still would want to ask you to send me not one handbag... I understand that it badly, but... I have a lonely neigbour, I would like to present to her your handbag! She very much likes such things! Therefore I want to ask you to send me 2 bags! I will be very glad, if you comply with my request! Thanks!

dbunk902 said...

I would love to win one of these bags - I use my grocery store and no-name bags all the time when ever and where ever I can. I am not participating in Black Friday events as I don't subscribe to commercialism. I will purchase my items at local shops, not on line so that I can support my own state in sales. I hope to send items throught he post office in time for christmas to my family that do not live locally. I will use handcrafted paper/wrapping for the rest that will receive small handmade/created gifts from me!
Happy Holiday
my email is: (dbunk9022001(at)yahoo (dot)com.

andrea said...

For Black Friday I was visiting my brother in Georgia. We did no shopping, instead we went to a small town in N Georgia and walked around the main square, 'mined' for semi-precious stones, had a little lunch at an Irish Pub and went to Amicalola Falls State Park to hike the trails. It was fantastic!
I do have a BL bag but I would use this one to give to my cousin who is pregnant with her first baby due a week before Christmas! Happy Holidays!
campbell4158 AT me DOT com

Sara said...

I love what you're doing. I would like to give a pretty bag to my daughter. Want to try to make some also.

s said...

I slept in, made some stuff and did not shop at all.
you are doing a very good thing!
lvs.costello at

Kelly said...

I am loving this idea of green wrapping bags.... I'm going to have to figure out how to keep my little girls from peeking though. any ideas?

tsarina206 at yahoo dot com

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Kelly, I save many boxes and put some gifts in the boxes before I put them in the fabric bags AND I tell my kids if they so much as touch the gifts, they don't get to have them! Mean mom. :)

Ashley said...

This is so cool! I keep waiting for an opportunity to get one of your bags! For Black Friday we started Thursday and went to Toys R Us at 10...witnessed a fight hah...then went to Kohls at 3 (saved $400) then went to Academy at 5 then to Best Buy!


Cheryl said...

I wanted to thank you for the lovely surprise when I received one of your Holiday bags this week. My sincere thanks for the neat gift. It is now holding our granddaughter's boots for Christmas, and I'll be sending photos soon.

Happy Holidays!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are welcome Sheryl, glad you like it!