Go sign! Please!

Dear Emma--

I LOVE what you are doing. Thank you for starting the Dear Subway campaign. I have been wanting to send a message to Subway for a long time now and I'm so glad you beat me to it in such a creative way. You are the best, I bet your mom and dad (my longtime friends) are very proud of you!

Love, Teresa

Everyone, GO RIGHT NOW and sign Emma's petition to get Subway Restaurants to stop using so much plastic. It really drives me nutty (just ask the people who go to there with me!) that they automatically stick your sandwich in a bag. Even for the people that are only walking 5 steps to sit down at a table. Uggghhhh! So frustrating! GO, make Emma's day and mine! Teresa


Roberta said...

Wow...what a sweetheart Emma is. SEE one person can make a difference. I already signed her petition and I'll write a blog post about it this week. Thanks for sharing her story. Fondly, Roberta

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes, Roberta, thanks for sharing the story more!