Just say, "No thank you."

NO thank you. Have a nice day. Teresa


Grace said...

I was curious today as I took out our trash - What do you do about garbage bags? Do you use plastic? (I read most all of your posts but please excuse me if you've addressed this before!)
Granted our trash is way down with composting and recycling but I still use trash bags and don't know of a good alternative.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Actually, I get asked that a lot. I don't use bags in my small garbage cans at all. Some people think that is gross, but we just don't have wet garbage in them. If you feel the need to line those cans then I suggest that you just get plastic bags out of the recycle bin at the grocery store. This is what we tell people when they use them for kitty litter, dogs, etc. Also, most people get their newspaper in a plastic bag that works will for both of those things too.

Now, for my kitchen garbage, that is a different story. I have to say that yes, I do use a tall kitchen plastic bag in that can. My husband bought a HUGE box of them from Costco MANY years ago before we knew how horrible they were for the environment. We are still working on that box. Once it is gone though, I will buy the compostable kitchen garbage bags. Like these:


Thanks for asking Grace! Let me know if you have any brands that you like.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my new pet peeve: I am in a store. I hand the cashier my reusable bag before I check out. The cashier rings up my purchase then forgets that I have handed her my reusable bag and starts to put my stuff in a plastic bag. I remind her that I have a reusable bag so she takes my stuff out of the plastic bag and puts it in my reusable bag then THROWS THE PLASTIC BAG AWAY! Has this ever happened to you? What do you say?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Evelyn (dearmrsreese)--

First, let me tell you, your girls are a-dor-a-ble!!!

Thanks for the question. YES, that has happened to me! Makes me nuts. I first stop the cashier and ask them why they are throwing the bag away, it is not dirty or anything. If they are stubborn about throwing it away, I take the bag and figure I can at least use it again (wet swim suits, etc) or at least recycle it. UGH. So annoying.


Harmony said...

Grace -
I get this question too... what do you line the trash can with? I have discovered that as long as you are composting the wet trash the can doesn't need lining. Simple fill and empty into your BIG can outside. It's a strange habit to break but truthfully once you start being liner free you realize you really never needed it.

For cat litter and such I recommend bread bags and any other so far non-avoidable plastic. As much as I try to be plastic free it still creeps in...