More "Green Wrapping Year"

Here is another great green wrapping idea. . .
How cute is that? I bought these on Sundance after Christmas last year. They were on clearance. But, good news, they still have them this year. They are a great gift for 2 reasons, they are REUSABLE and can be "regifted" and they are a nice addition to a "consumable."

I like giving consumable gifts (and getting them). They don't require storage for the long term and they are fun to use/eat/drink! They are also a great gift for the person who has everything or is tough to shop for. Most people have a favorite treat like dark chocolate or a favorite wine or restaurant (gift card). Right up my alley and maybe up yours too.

So, I did some searching. Those of you who are actually gifted in the knitting department, you can make these, how to is HERE.

But, look what I just found at Lillian Vernon, how cute are these??????
Choose any 4 of them for less than $16. Horribly cute!

Or, how about buying a handmade one (below) from this great Etsy shop??
That's a wrap! he he Teresa


inday_adin said...

Awe! These are just so cute indeed. I remember last year I friend of mine gave me a bottle of mine with a wine sleeve that came with it. So cute!

Adin B

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

The wine sleeves are super cute too! I know I have a pattern for one around here somewhere. . .