So great, had to share. . .

Bagette Dad and I get many emails per week from all over the world requesting bags. Recently, we have been stuck in Russia and the Ukraine. Here is one of the recent requests. . .

"I am delighted with your project! I want to try to persuade their friends to start zhiz without plastic bags. My girls (wife and daughter) know how to sew on a typewriter and I think they will be able to participate in the project. Please send me a bag for the sample."

Thanks Sergey
Moscow, Russia


Bagette Dad said...

The rest of the story:
Tokarev Sergey wrote:
Hello Dad Teresa. Thank you for your prompt reply! I apologize for my bad angliyskiy.S your permission, I will distribute the web link to your great mission to all my friends.
At your request I replied, wife's name is Irina, and daughter Alexandra. Good luck in your business to rid the planet. If even a few people refuse to use plastic - the world will be cleaner.
Good luck. Sincerely a former officer of the Military Space Forces.

Bagette Dad said...

So here is my response:

Sergey Tokarev--Moscow, MOSCOW, RUSSIA--12935
Alexandra Tokarev--Moscow, MOSCOW, RUSSIA--12936
Irina Tokarev--Moscow, MOSCOW, RUSSIA--12937 . <--- bag numbers

Your Bags will be mailed soon.
(actually mailed today)

mb said...

i wanna sew on a typewriter, too!!!!