Lauren DiCioccio

I recently discovered The Jealous Curator. Her blog is fabulous. I love looking at contemporary art and reading about the motivation for the work people are doing. Her site is a great compilation of just that. She alerted me to the work of Lauren DiCioccio. How could I resist Lauren's bag project? Fabulous!
These may look like ordinary plastic bags at first glance, but they are not. Here is the description from The Jealous Curator's site:

"A cheap plastic bag from a dollar store? Nope, it’s bridal organza & embroidery that’s been made to look exactly like a cheap plastic bag from a dollar store. Re-explaining this seemed silly so I’ve taken this quote directly from Lauren DiCioccio herself: “[This] is a response to the current movement to eliminate plastic bags from consumer use due to their negative environmental impact… [They are] delicate ghosts of the original bags, mass-produced plastic replaced with soft, tediously worked fabric.”  There you go. Couldn’t have said it better myself."

Thanks Jealous Curator! I'm jealous of your site. Keep up the great work and I'll be checking in! Teresa

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