Netherlands Bag!

I was going through my mail, stumbled on yours and realized I never send you any pictures… I’m really sorry!
We use the bags a lot and with pride (not hard at all!), but usually don’t have a photo camera with us when we do…
We also took one with us on holiday to the UK. Please find enclosed a picture of my husband with the bag, we just bought some (recycled paper) Christmas cards at the Oxfam store in a town we visited.
Thanks again for sending us the great bags!

Big gratitude, Monique Zoon

PS: my customers love the fact that they get a matching bag for free when they purchase a Pure Coverz-item from our store!


harmony said...

How fun to see a picture of Monique's hubby using an Eyes of the World bag! I swear I truly have the BEST customers in the entire world!!! They so "get it" and that makes me very, very happy!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

How can we not get such loveliness!