Bottled Water 2011: Home | Environmental Working Group

Bottled Water 2011: Home | Environmental Working Group

Scary facts about bottled water, most brands get a C, D, or F! Only your water you filter yourself gets an A! Teresa


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In December 2010, Hawaiian Springs finalized its annual water quality report, and we are pleased to say that it meets or exceeds every standard for purity and quality. The water quality report is now available in both English and Spanish on our website at under the Nature’s Gift section. It includes our source, methodology, and analysis, and can be viewed here:

Every year, we conduct a water testing process on our source and product, which is provided to the state of California at the time of renewal of our permit. In fact, as stated in our water quality report, our protected source is monitored many times a day to ensure the artesian water is safe and of extremely high quality.

Since October 2010, we have been redesigning our label to include our source and contact information so consumers can obtain specific details about our water and also to comply with the state of California’s labeling laws and regulations. Our new label has been designed, is currently being printed, and will be in the market shortly.

We want everyone to know that Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water already meets or exceeds quality expectations and tough standards set by federal, state and international agencies. We are happy to answer any questions and provide any information requested by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), other organizations, and the public. Please contact Margaret Fuentes at

We love to talk about the quality of our water.