Freebie Winners and the details. . .


Bag# 12,000 (polka dot) will go to Carla of Buenos Aires!

Bag# 14,000 (green) will go to Roberta of North Carolina!

Everyone else that entered that does not already possess a bag from us will get one! Yay! Please check your spam folders if you have not gotten an email from Bagette Dad yet, it might be there. It will look like this: Green Bag Lady, AnniversaryFreebie_1_11.

We have 3 emails that bounced:

m darlene carey
jlsmith  (OK, fixed typo)

Please leave a comment here so we can get your correct email!

Happy Wednesday! Teresa


con-tain-it said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks Teresa...after all Green is my signature color ;) You are simply the best and so proud to own this Green Bag Lady "designer" Have a great week. Fondly, Roberta

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are most welcome Roberta! We like excited winners!

Carl@ said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are most welcome Carla!


Roberta said...

Hey Teresa! I finally got around to posting a photo of me with my bags ;) Here's the link:

THANKS so much for all you do and hope you have a wonderful week.
Fondly, Roberta