The well traveled bag…

…is now in COSTA RICA! (read more HERE)
Hi Teresa, 

I'm really getting a LOT of use out of my GBL here in Costa Rica.. I use it as a 'purse' for walking on the beach...
It's perfect...  Here is a view of the sunset the other night on Playa Negra in Puerto Viejo, CR and I couldn't resist
posing with my GB!  Take care, Leesa


Galit said...

This happy lady is sure enjoying her green bag!
I was so happy to receive your email yesterday and can't wait to be the proud owner of a GBL!!

Leesa said...

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for posting me and my lovely GB on your blog! It's nice to make an appearance here - always!! My bag IS pretty well- traveling and it holds up really well.. Right now, I should (have to) clean out all the sand at the bottom of the bag... hehehe... You can tell it's become a bit of a 'beach bag' by this time!!

@Gailit- Great name! I LOVE my green bag for sure and EVERY time I travel somewhere, I bring it along b/c it's sooo practical and convenient..
Take care and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are welcome Galit!

Wish I could join you at the beach Leesa!