Check this out!

Artist Julie Kornblum painstakingly crocheted this large globe from plastic bags!

Read more about it and see how Julie made it HERE. Amazing! Teresa

Found on Recylart.


Clairebakescakes from NY said...

WOW! That's amazing. I just started learning crochet but this is just way too cool.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I am all thumbs with knitting and crocheting so it is double amazing to me!

Kelly said...

It just occured to me this week that I could knit with a plastic bag. I was reading a cool website on how to cut a t-shirt into one long piece and then knit with it. I didn't fully understand the directions so I cut off the bottom of a plastic bag to try, and then had this really long piece of plastic - so I just cast on stitches and started knitting. I guess it will be a bag of some sort - it is really much stronger, and fun to watch stripes and colors show up.