India Bag Lady!

Hi Teresa,
This is Shilpi from Bangalore India. I have been using re-usable cloth bags for quite sometime now. But they look quite dull. My friend Trupti forwarded the greenbaglady link to me. And here I am with my new invention - A saree bag. I watched your "how to stitch..." video at 10pm and decided I must give it a try. My husband gave me the "you are nuts" look and went to bed. I have used the most colourful fabric I had. My grandmom's old cotton saree, double layered for strength. The stitching quality is questionable as I am not very good at sewing. But I hope I can use it for smaller groceries. At least it will be a good advertisement for reusable bags. How can cheap plastic compete with this beauty? :)
Thanks a lot for the easy to stitch green bag pattern!

Thank you Shilpi, it looks great! By the way, I get the "you are nuts" look from my husband ALL THE TIME! :) Teresa


Robyn Stewardson -- Focus on Art said...

FAbulous. You guys are so inspiring. Keep up the incredible work.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Robyn!