Ship's Log Day 7 March 11, 2011

We got going again at 8pm last night and motored through the night. My shift was 8-midnight and then off midnight-4am and on again 8am-2pm. However, about 1pm, we were called in by the Chilean Coast Guard to anchor at a small town due to Tsunami implications from the earthquake in Japan. Obviously, we are far from Japan, but waves are unpredictable so it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the ocean.

We are tucked into a little fishing village called Puerto Eden. Very picturesque. Both Alfred and Robert were able to buy some socks. Dry socks are a hot commodity on board at the moment! I have enough socks, I am just wishing for waterproof gloves of some kind. Warm, waterproof gloves. I tried to buy some at the same store but they didn't have any. I have to keep putting mine in the oven to dry them out. According to the captain, there are two kinds of weather here, "raining or about to rain." So true. Being up on deck when it is about 40 degrees F with rain pelting your face at midnight, steering by a compass. Good times!

We are not allowed to leave here until the Tsunami warning is over about 1am. I need to get to bed so I am able to get up about 2 for my shift.

I hope all of you are tucked in for the night with clean, dry socks of course! Teresa
Captain Clive took my camera with the fisheye lens up the mast for a photo shoot. You can barely see us on the deck of the boat in this photo of us tucked into Puerto Eden.


Margaret said...

I lit a candle.. Know you will have warm hands soon! We are all with you in the quilt and in our happy spirits knowing what wonderful things you are doing!always.margaret

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Margaret, you are the best and it worked! Ann told me how concerned you were. Thanks for all the positive thoughts!