Argentina Bag!

Hi Teresa!

I'm just coming back from my travel. I enjoyed it so much. I am really facinated of my country that surprise me with a lot of amazing landscapes each time I travel, and I have to say thanks to "Pachamama" (Mother Earth)  bless us each day.

I was following your trip, but I stop because I went to MY trip :) I have to read about it when I would have a few time.

I took with me the greenbag you gave and I took a pic from it in a beautiful landscape where I was crocheting in a sunny afternoon. 

When I organize the pics from my trip, I will give you a link ...if you want to see just a small part of my country may be you will wish to come to Argentina for the next trip :)


(knitter of the cute Green Bag Lady in the header!!!!!)


Harmony said...

You are amazing. The knitted Green Bag Lady is wonderful!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I completely agree!