Bagette Dad Home Delivery

Most of you know that Bagette Dad is the guy behind the shipping and handling department here at Green Bag Lady. However, he apparently does house calls as well! He found out that Jen from Stitch Simple (and this freebie and mom to the ADORABLE little guy below) did not have a bag and then figured out that he would be right by her house at an appointment in MN. Here is how it went down:
Hi Bagette Dad:  THANK YOU again for dropping by today with the Green Bag Lady bags.  I'm so excited to have an official one with a serial number.  I haven't sewn up the kit yet, which as you will see in the attached photo I
might need to do before my son Chas will let me use the one with pink
flowers.  He is at swimming lessons with his dad right now, but I'm sure
he'll be right back after that bag as soon as he comes home.  He's hardly
left it alone all afternoon.  The toys go in, the toys go out.  Repeat.  It
is second only to chasing the cat.

Have a great night!


MissesStitches said...

Love that beautiful Harmony Art fabric!

Jen said...

Thanks again for the home delivery Bagette Dad!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@ Jan, I KNOW!

@ Jen, glad is worked out!

Harmony said...

I recognize that cute boy!!! :)