God Bless America

I don't get very political on this here blog, but when you drive through a protest 4 times in one day, it reminds you of the power of people. By the end of the day over 2,000 people showed up to show support for the family of a fallen Marine they had never met. Choked me up each time I drove though taking my kids to summer camp. (click on images to view larger)

From the Tennessean, full story HERE.

More than two hours before funeral services for fallen Nashville Marine Kevin Balduf are set to begin, more than 1,500 people waving American flags are lining on Franklin Pike.
The showing of mostly bikers and soldiers is in response to the anti-soldier, anti-American message of Kansas's Westboro Baptist Church.
Members of the controversial church announced that they would protest Balduf's funeral.


Becky said...

that's awesome. I'm from Kansas and that jerks get way too much media. I truly wonder if the media didn't give them coverage if they would just crawl back under the rocks they crawled our from and go away.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are probably right Becky!