Look who visited…

…our yard this morning. Taken by my husband with his iPhone. Teresa


eli said...

Hi Teresa! one of your followers has shared with me the link to your blog, and how thankful I am to her (Adry)! There are many things to read here, but I want to congrat you on the wonderful job you're doing with the bags!!
Sorry for my English :)
I'll go on reading your posts and the rest here.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Eli, we are happy to have you here! Welcome! Let me know if you would like a bag.

eli said...

Teresa, first off, thanks so much for your welcome! Also for having commented at my blog (which is in Spanish, I'm sorry for that ha ha)
I would love love love to have one of your green bags! I've read somewhere in your blog that you were giving them out only at freebie posts, so I was determined to patiently wait for one of those posts :)
Your task is so wonderful, Teresa!
My email addy is zapallos.en.almibar(at)gmail(dot)com and I live in Argentina.