Nova Scotia, Canada Bag!

Hi Teresa,

First off I want to thank you for sending me the great bags, I received the bag on Thursday June 9th, made the second bag on Friday and delivered it to my friend Joyce that afternoon. Joyce was really pleased and I know she will use it often so thanks from her as well. I have to tell you though I am bad for making things and not reading the instructions all the way through and since I have made many bags I figured I knew what to do but I should have at least looked more closely at the pink bag as I would have not made this mistake. I made extra work for myself , I made the handles but folding right sides together and sewing and turning, it was very...... difficult to turn that fabric but it is done, live and learn.

I have attached photos of myself and Joyce with her new bag, so a huge thanks for all you do , one bag at a time does make a difference.

Happy stitching,
Sheila Munro,
Nova Scotia, Canada

PS--Sheila got her bag and bag kit from the last Sew Mama Sew freebie. Also, I have changed the pattern (to reflect Sheila's handle issue), I made it more clear that we just serge or zig zag the handles and not sew them inside out and turn them (that would take too much time). However, if you prefer them turned, please feel free to make them that way!

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eli said...

Lucky ladies with their new green bags :)