Vintage Freebie!

Yes, another freebie, I didn't think you would mind. Did you know that June is vintage month? Actually it isn't, but I think it should be. Every June I do a lot of thinking about the past. It has something to do with the kids being out of school and summer starting. I remember what I did with my summers when I was a kid. Go to camps, run around the neighborhood, play kick the can with all the other kids, hang from monkey bars for hours on end, and on and on. Feeling nostalgic yet?

This freebie was inspired by that nostalgia as well as one of my former students. Sarah graduated from Belmont University more years than I care to remember ago. She moved to California to realize her dream as a film editor. Like many, Sarah was laid off recently and decided to pursue another dream, that of vintage style and handmade. She has started a blog and an etsy shop. Both are titled Hintage Designs, Modern Design with a  Hint of Vintage Style.

Thanks for the inspiration Sarah, here is what is up for grabs in this freebie (click on photos to view larger), TWO stacks of super cute vintage fabric…
 And FIFTEEN vintage fabric bags…
SEVENTEEN lucky winners, YAY!
Here is what you need to do to enter:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.

•In your comment, tell us about a favorite vintage item in your home.


•SEVENTEEN LUCKY WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN FROM THE COMMENTS TO WIN! TWO people will win the fabric stacks and FIFTEEN others will win the vintage fabric shopping bags.

Good Luck! Teresa

International entries OK.


Anonymous said...

We have this chair. It's burnt orange. And it's great.


Mom said...

My favorite vintage item is a silver gravy boat. Given to me by a friend (85 yrs old). She received it as a wedding gift from her Grandma.


Beth said...

Sorry about the above deleted comment...
I have my grandmother's first quilt that she made. She was 16 and the year was 1932...I don't ever use it because I don't want anything to happen to it but it's there and I know it and love it


Katrina said...

My favorite vintage item is my husband's rocking chair from when he was 1 year old. I thought my mother in law just bought it the way it was but recently she told me she bought it unfinished and stained and coated it herself! Truly a sweet item!


jbpitcher said...

I am a sappy sentimentalist. I have lots of vintage stuff. Sometimes I see items in the thrift store and wonder how someone could give away something like (ie) Grandma's thimble collection . . . or a handmade baby blanket. My kids think I have tooooo much "junk" Alas, it will probably all end up in the thrift store also.
jbpitcher (at) hotmail (dot) com . Thanks

hueisei said...

ohh..I loves freebie.. ^^ Thanks...
Well, I have few vintage items in my home, 1) wooden stool which passed down from my mother in law (I had repainted it and it still usable), 2) a music player aka walkman (my first walkman from my dear aunt 20 years ago), 3) a vintage sewing machine (I think more than 40 years, from my great grandmother. But I had bought a new one now :))
There are few more, but I need time to search all of them hehe..
Cheers from hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

sylvia said...

Some old books, that my grandma gave me short time before she had to leave this world forever. They are very important for me!


greetings from Spain,

Addie K said...

It's hard to choose my favorite vintage find: my Danish modern rocker, 1940's table linens, or the curvy gravy boat and dish with hand painted motif my mom just gave us as a gift. I love to use vintage fabrics to sew dresses and love adding vintage buttons and trims to baby clothes. Thank you for the giveaway.

Life on Roseberry Lane said...

My fav vintage item is my giant fork and spoon my Grandma purchased in Hawaii in the 50th (I think). They are about 3 feet long and they are hand carved with heads stacked on one another to make up the handles. I like to tell my kids that they are for the giant I know if he ever decides to come to dinner.


The Sparkle said...

Vintage i love vintage

My favorite vintage item at the moment is the doll that i buyed some weeks ago in a thriftstore.
I'm looking for p[atterns to dress her in a vintage style.

The other vintage item i love is the dressoir that my boyfriend get when his great grandmother died.
It is old but it looks a bit modern.
The say his great grandfather made it him self.


Pat V. said...

We have two pieces of vintage glass, both flower vases but very different from on another. Both were inherited from the same uncle. snohpat(at)yahoo(dot)com

leisel2424 said...

Mine is my Grandmas Barrel chairs that she gave me when I was 19, She had them from the 70's and they have this real tough Berlap like orange fabric that seems to last forever! With kids and dog's you would think that it would just be Ruined, They real hold up better than any other furniture I have or have had, I'm 27 this year, and two kids and 3 dogs and I will never get rid of the Orange Barrel chairs. Thank you Grandma


Wyldcat said...

My favorite vintage item in my home is my dining room table, it has been in my family for 60 years, my mom got it at an antique store just after she and my dad were married. I have found memories of family gathering at this table at all major holidays, oh the food, oh the conversations and oh feel the love.


Kristy said...

Wow! What a lovely giveaway! So excited!
One of my favorite vintage items in my home is a tiny ceramic boxer puppy that sits in my kitchen window. He always sat in my great aunt's kitchen as a kid and she passed him onto me. He makes me smile! :)

three4me_4now (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks for the fun!

Christie S. said...

My favorite is a vintage hat with little fruits tucked on top. It's the cutest thing ever. Thanks for all the nice giveaways.

UmmaThreads~ Crafty Squirrel said...

Sadly, I don't have anything vintage anymore. At one time I had my grandmothers vintage mushroom kitchen canisters, but they broke, now I have nothing left. If I could find one item I guess it would me more canisters or a sheet set.

Suzee said...

My favorite vintage item is a quilt made by my husbands grandmother,it has teeny 1" hexagon's all handstitched on. i love it! all that vintage fabric in it.
i love your giveaways!!
suezneal at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

I htink my favorite vintage item I have is my grandmother's china which is on display in the dining room. It is so simple and dainty and I love to just look at it!
jessmusumarra (at) hotmail (dot) com

saram said...

My FAV vintage item in my home would have to be my Pyrex cookware! Can't live without it!!! Plus its so cute.


Adryteje said...

I have a lot of vintage items at home, My fav item is a beautiful glass jar to keep cookies in, from 1930.

Helen said...

We own a lot of antique/vintage pieces of furniture, especially in our living room. I particularly love a cabinet we got a few weeks ago... it's now holding and displaying our dishes in the living room.


Clairebakescakes from NY said...

I would say my fave vintage is the swirly looking plate that has some crazy kaleidoscope of colors. It's really pretty to look at.

How are you Teresa?


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I'm good Claire, how are YOU? Haven't heard from you in a while.

Thanks for all the great comments everyone, I am loving hearing about your fav vintage things, I think I need to do a post on my favs in my house too complete with pics!


Karisse said...

hi! I got here from Sarah's blog! :) My favorite vintage item is an orange blanket that used to be my mom's. I'm planning to make a quilt (with fun vintage fabrics!) and use her blanket as the backing. Fuuun. karisse(at)gmail(dot)com

Violeta said...

We have some vintage toys that used to be my husband's toys when he was a kid. My boys' favourite is a red sword.


Sara said...

My 1903 White treadle sewing machine that belonged to my husband's grandmother.


Noreen said...

Those bags would make lovely reusable gift wrap bags. My favorite old item is the trunk my great grandmother brought to this country from Sweden in the 1850's. I cherish it.


Lauria said...


Would love to win those vintage fabrics or a bag!

My favorite vintage item is probably my set of stackable mixing bowls. These are the ones:

60s Pyrex Crazy Daisies!

Becky said...

Oh, so many vintage items here! Yesterday my fave vintage thing was my 1960's Sunbeam Stand Mixer as I baked a cake. Today it will be my 1950's Singer Slant-o-Matic because I'll be sewing!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Holly U said...

We have several items that have been in the family and have special meaning, but I'll go with: a wooden flute that my husband's (great?) grandfather played in the civil war.

Amy said...

Wonderful giveaway, fabric and vintage purses are fantastic.

I love fabric, so my favorite vintage item is my mothers 1960's prom dress. She never got to wear it and it is too small for me, but I cherish it and will some day find a use for it.


Andrea said...

I have random jewelry that has come from a bunch of different family members. They are so beautiful and add a great touch to any outfit, so fun!
I also have a platter that has been passed down starting with my great grandmother. It is a great centerpiece for family gatherings

campbell4158 AT me DOT com

Anonymous said...

My godmother's vintage crystal chandelier. Sparkly and beautiful.

Mel .

Anonymous said...

I have an old vintage phone that I absolutely love!


Brujita Planetaria said...

Hi!my name is Ita Ramírez I'm from Chile South America. i love what you're doing, and i love to have one of this bag.
I have two vintage objects that i love, one is a rubber bear, i just to play whit it in my chilhood, so cute!!! and the other one is a strapples shirt that was from my Mother!! very beatiful.
Sorry for my english.
Thanks And love for you