What I am doing today…

> running: kids everywhere (lest you think I was actually jogging, ha!)
> listening: to construction on a new awning over our outside basement stairs-yay!
> making: ice cream with this & organic ingredients-yipee for knowing exactly what is in your food
> working: on a quilt out of vintage fabric for Little Man (in progress above) more on this later
> dreaming: of sweet corn for dinner-give me sweet corn and watermelon for a meal and I'm set

What are you doing? Teresa


eli said...

ha! yes, I thought you were jogging!
I'm visiting blogs and, in the meanwhile, thinking how to celebrate my son's birthday on Saturday :)
Beautiful quilt for your boy!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Make him a quilt Eli!!!

Adryteje said...

Listening: the thunderstorm -
Thinking : about some things I should do.
Dreaming: of my new house.
but finally: Knitting...knitting...knitting

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for responding back Adry, I love your list!