Birch Fabrics Organic '11 WINNERS

Congratulations to the following lucky folks…

Winners of the Birch Fabrics Storyboek stacks:
Alea Shinn, MI
Linda J Gutknecht, WI
Mary Notturno, OH
Amorette Drexler, CA
Colleen Butler, MI

Winners of the Storyboek organic fabric bags:
Louise Alerfors--Saffle, SWEDEN
Ludmila Zhukova--Moscow, RUSSIA

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, BirchFabrics_8_2011

Here is how you voted:

117 votes

29 whale watching
22 field friends
19 gone fishin
11 field stroll
10 wildflowers
10 woodcut sky
 6 cobblestone
 5 bubble stripe
 3 seahorses
 2 new school

1 comment:

Lee said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful giveaway! I am so excited to have won some fabric!