Really, REALLY?

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California schoolchildren will be able to read all about plastic bags' contribution to society in their school text books. Who's to thank for such a development? Why, the American Chemistry Council, of course.
The lobbying group put pressure on California educators to include positive information on plastic bags -- such as that they take less energy to produce than paper bags and are much lighter -- at the same time it was fighting San Francisco's ban on plastic bags, according to California Watch.
The section "The Advantages of Plastic Shopping Bags" was added in 2009 to high school juniors' text. The information is "almost verbatim" identical to letters written by the chemistry council, which lobbies for bags as well as other plastics.
Gone unmentioned are the facts that plastic bags take 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill while leaching toxic chemicals into groundwater and oceans, which are, in case nobody noticed, currently full of plastics.
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I really wish time and energy could be used for the good of the planet, don't you? Thank you to Harmony's sister-in-law Wendy for the heads up on this one. If you live in California and your kid comes home with this book, ask the school to choose a different curriculum. Teresa


mb said...

is that in a chemistry textbook, then? wow...

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I guess, I don't know. It is so frustrating!

Harmony said...

To counter this nonsense... watch this important and educational YouTube video: It's worth your 15 minutes. I promise.