Whirlwind to California…

I made it back from a 3 day trip to California. I flew out on Wednesday and came back last night. Whew. The first thing I did was meet the ever fabulous Judith Selby and give her 60 bags for an event with her alma mater, Pitzer College, that she and Richard are hosting at their Electric Works Gallery. Judith is wearing one of her famous beach plastic necklaces in this photo…
 Enjoy the bags everyone at the Pitzer event!
Then I headed to Gulalala to see Harmony and judge the Art in the Redwoods Exhibition for 2 days. My fellow judge was Tim McNeil from UC Davis, he was great. We got along well which made the task of picking winners from 350+ entries much easier! This is a photo of the awards ceremony. Tim has a lovely British accent so I let him do most of the talking.
I had a wonderful, if not busy time, here are good buy jazz hands with Harmony
 Driving my rental car back over the Golden Gate Bridge (sigh)…
Good bye California, I heart you!
 Window seat!
First flight back went ok, but late, so I had to run to my gate in Dallas only to find out that the plane was down due to a mechanical. New plane, push off go to runway, some other mechanical, back to gate, get it fixed, finally in the air. Land in Nashville 2 hours late but happy to be home and safe. Hope you had a good weekend! Teresa