Guest post from Bagette Dad…

I estimate that a Green Bag Lady bag holds as much as they put in 3 plastic bags.

It should last 3 years. And, if used each week that's:

3 x 52 x 3 x over 17000 bags that are NOT in landfills.

DO THE MATH! Make a difference!!

Have you hugged your bag today?

Thanks Teresa!!!

Bagette Dad

P.S. a few people have begun to report that their bags are wearing out. Maybe we should offer to replace them at 1/2 the original price :)
Thanks for the post Dad. If any of you have bags that are worn out, please send us a photo and your bag # and we will replace it! Email Bagette Dad at bagettedad(at)gmail(dot)com--Teresa


Adryteje said...

My #3180 greenbag has come a "long and winding road":)"she" looks happy working hard with a lot of "sisters".

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Glad to hear Adry!

harmony said...

AMAZING numbers! Thanks Bagette Dad. I must report that my Green Bag Lady bag is alive and well and thriving in California. No need to replace mine... nor any signs of wear.... yet.... but rest assured she/he is getting plenty of use. CHEERS TO THE BAGETTE FAMILY!!!!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Awww, thanks Harmony, you are part of the Bagette Family too ya know!

Lori said...

Just found your blog and LOVE what you are doing! You can DEFINITELY fit more in a non-plastic bag! And I use my reusable bags even when they look at me like I have 3 heads. :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Lori, I get that look all the time!