Awesomeness by Mary Ellen Croteau…

"This Chuck Close-style self-portrait by Mary Ellen Croteau is entirely made of discarded bottle caps. (A lot of them are from sodas, but deodorant caps, childproof pill container lids, soap bottle-style pumps, and tops from bottles of saline solution and eyedrops are also represented, along with probably many more.) This is possibly not a practical recycling solution for everyone, but you gotta admit it looks amazing." Jess Zimmerman

I love it! More on this at GRIST. Teresa


eli said...

Great great great!
Here in Argentina, a hospital in Buenos Aires gathers discarded caps, with the help of everyone who wants to help, and recycle (upcycle?) them making cleaning tools. Those tools are sold by a market chain along the country and the benefits go to the Hospital Foundation. The same with keys and paper.
This is in Spanish, I hope you can translate :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That is wonderful Eli, what a great program!