Old suit…

You see, the last time hubby cleaned out his closet, there was an old, too small suit in the back. He had it in the Goodwill pile until I dragged it out with the intention of making this
Somehow, it has not materialized (pun!) and is now hanging in the back of my closet…hmmmmm…but, today I found this on Recyclart

 I may be inspired again. I'll let you know…Teresa


SuZ Stuff said...

well, I'm inspired! I thought I'd had seen it all as far as "recycled" jeans-suits ect-but these are sew adorable...very upscale looking-go for it GBL !!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks SuZ, I'll post if I make something!

Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of my Bagette Dad bag...made from his slacks and a tie. I should send a picture...

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes, reminded me too! I think we posted a pic a while back?

Anonymous said...

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