Ling-Yen Jewelry Organic '11 Freebie!

Let's squeak in a few more Organic '11 Freebies before December flies by, shall we? How about some lovely pendants from the incomparable Ling-Yen Jones. I heart Ling-Yen, not only is her art stunning and wearable, but she is absolutely a hoot. To hang out with Ling-Yen is to laugh uncontrollably. Wish I lived closer to her. Sigh. If I did live closer, I would go see her wonderful jewelry in person and one of her upcoming events.

But, look at these beauties. Perfect for December gift giving or December festivity wearing should you find yourself in a position that you A) win one and B) simply cannot part with such loveliness.
Up for grabs in this freebie are the 4 pendants pictured above. And, shopping bags to anyone that enters and does not already have one. Yippee!

To enter this freebie and win a stunning handmade pendant made of abalone shell and sterling silver simply do the following:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•In your comment tell us which of Ling-Yen's designs is your favorite.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 10 PM(CST) Thursday, November 17, 2011. (winners announced Nov 18)

•4 lucky people will be chosen from the comments to win one of the Ling-Yen pendants. BUT, if you enter and do not already have a shopping bag from us, you will automatically win one!

Don't forget to leave us your email! 

Thanks for entering and thank you Ling-Yen for being so awesome! Hey, while you are at it, go like Ling-Yen Designs on Facebook HERE! Give her some Facebook love!!! Teresa

International entries are welcome.

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Sundays Child said...

Okay .. trying this again, if I have double-posted, please forgive me and delete one. I like them all, my favourite one is Untitled Earrings, silver triangles with black onyx circles.

Thanks for hosting this awesome give-away,
Julie Andrea aka SundayChild

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Don't forget to leave your email everyone!

krisgray said...

What a great giveaway! The Buddha necklace is lovely but so is the Crane bracelet!

I have 2 great GBL bags. krisgray(at)yahoo(dot)com

harmony said...

I am a big Ling-Yen fan! Here work is just beautiful. Today my favorite is the C'est Cheese ring. I have a green bag lady bag. info(at)harmonyart(dot)com

Linda G said...

The 3 Swallows necklace is beautiful and the cloud earrings are lovely too.Thanks for the great giveaway, love the organics!

I have a GBL bag, love it!

Lee said...

I love the cloud earrings in the shop! Very sweet! lovely giveaway - the abalone shells are lovely.

Laurie said...

They are all beautiful but I think I like the one on the left the most!! What an awesome giveaway!! Thank you.

I do not have a GBL bag yet!! I am excited about getting one!!! Thanks so much!!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for all the entries everyone, spread the word!

Anonymous said...


I love Ling-Yen! And I LOVE greenbaglady!!!

I'm fortunate to live near Ling-Yen and I get to hang out with her and look at her beautiful work. She is a special lady for sure!!!

If I were to win a free necklace, I would want you to pick, because it's free.

Love, Love, Love!!!

~ Lucienne

Jane said...

ling-yen's spirit is infused in all her pieces - with a soul as lovely as hers it's a given that her work is wonderful also! it is hard for me to pick just one piece - that's why i have so many....tho' the buddha necklace caught my eye right away. and, i love all the abalone pieces.

thanks for the giveaway! can't miss on this one.


Susie said...

I love my greenbag and I love my ling yen designs!!! I am very fortunate to own pieces by ling and so do my kids. I would be thrilled with any of ling's pieces,
I'm currently enjoying my onyx earrings with sterling silver.

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING! I always get compliments on Ling Yen's art. Today I am wearing a windows necklace. Lovely.


Rozan said...

All of Ling-Yen's work is beautiful. I wore a piece to my son's wedding - I bought the necklace then went out to find a dress to go with it. I love the ruby lips bracelet, but the window of opportunity earrings are special too. Ling-Yen gave me an incredible opportunity when I moved to Gualala area and the earrings are symbolic of that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the work of Ling- Yen. The "Three Swallows - Necklace" is a stunning piece.


Anonymous said...

I have always been drawn to Ling-Yen's soulful, creative work. I feel uplifted when I wear her jewelry, and it always elicits special comments. I would feel honored to be the recipient of any of the pieces she has so generously offered.

And, a GBL bag would be oh-so-nice!


Anonymous said...

I love Ling-Yen's Buddha necklace. All of her stuff is gorgeous,(I own a pair of earrings and a necklace of her's, I see her at one of the L.A. area shows).
Sgottstein at gmail dot com

Gabby said...

I like the third one. iheartamericangirl at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! I love the C'est Cheese line from Ling Yen, but all her pieces are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I love anything of Ling Yen's that has lips on it! They are lovely! I even have some of her other pieces and get compliments on them all the time.


Anonymous said...


How wonderful of Lung Yen to make these pendants. I love that they are abalone shell. Such beauty from the ocean. Thanks for the freebie!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that I win! I'd like to win the fourth one for my sister. I think she would like it for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting.I went to Ling Yen's site and everything is very beautiful. I like the face bracelet!

Anonymous said...


They are pretty! I like the beach and to collect shells too!

Anonymous said...

Love the jewelry and it is so hard to pick just one favorite, but I guess it is the C'est Cheese Earrings....really pretty stone in those. annwehby(at)gmail(dot)com

Frances said...

Beautiful jewelry! I love the two cranes necklace and the round C'est Cheese ring! Love the pieces in the giveaway.
I have a GBL bag.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway!

My favorite piece is the C'est Cheese bracelet.

Can't wait for my GBL bag!


JSC said...

joanne04dem for pendant freebie. Middle right is favorite pendant, Crane necklace is favorite design.

JSC said...

Correction: is complete e-mail for previous post

Anonymous said...


entering for the pendants

the jewelry is really nice

Alicia S. said...

Of all of her designs, I love the Windows of Opportunity earrings as well as the title (although how can you pick just one?)! I think the smallest pendant is my favorite. It reminds me of an anchor..and being grounded. This would be a good reminder when we're all spinning around in our heads!

Chelsea said...

Awesome give away! I loved the six cranes bracelet. It is a beautiful piece.


Rachel said...

I hope I'm not too late here! The windows earrings are so very lovely. Would love any of her pieces! Rlgoodrich at said...

It is the greatest idea to give people bags. I really love your work. You are my idol. I really to get bag. ( Thanks!