California Bag!

Hi Teresa,
I posted on Facebook that I received the Crypton bag. The bagger at the store really loved it, as did the checker. They were both young women.  I was anxious to try the bag out, but what I bought was a nine pound ham, some frozen food, and a bottle of wine. The bagger asked "Do you want me to put the ham in this bag?"  I told her  "The bag is well-made and waterproof, let's test it out."  We did, and I could barely lift the bag. As you can see, I had my husband carry it from the car into the house.  It won't always be put to the test with that much weight, but I sure love it.  
Thank you so much!
Gail Spencer


Regina said...

Dear Teresa,
Hello, I live in a small town,he is gray and boring. I would like to get your bag in order add paint in gray days, with your bag I can forget the plastic bags that are so uncomfortable, constantly to explode pens. A design your bags bright and youth, I want to make a trip to the store was not only convenient but also enjoyable.
Sincerely, Regina.

harmony said...

Congrats Gail! I will be on the look our for it next time I go the the supermarket!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Oh, I hope you run into Gail and her bag Harmony!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


We can't send you a bag if we do not know how to contact you!


Bagette Dad said...


I have Regina's contact info.

Bagette Dad

Kira said...

Hello, dear Teresa! How did you win the love of a globally so people with shopping bags! The whole world speaks loudly about what we need to be closer to nature, protect nature and do not litter, but also continue to see on the streets of the growing mountain of dirt and debris, which is not known when it is reclaimed, recycled ... Yes, and whether ... and especially those packages, plastic. Nobody thinks seriously that soon we'll all be overwhelmed by them ... And your bags, though small, but very good and useful thing! You, Teresa, well done! I wish you success in this difficult but very important work! Especially because you have many adherents, and not only there, but around the world! I can also be in your ranks, and as a distinctive sign that I'm with you, too, would like to have one bag of your collection. Thank you! Kira.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you for the nice comment Kira. I will be starting a freebie on Monday, please come back and enter!