Great ways to reduce your plastic usage!

Ways to Reduce your Usage: 
1. Take your own reusable bags to all stores, not just the grocery store. 
2. Do not use plastic produce bags. Larger items like apples and tomatoes don't need a bag. Just cluster them together at checkout. For items like chili peppers or okra, bring your own reusable produce bags.
3. When purchasing items like celery and carrots, choose those without plastic packaging. 
4. Buy toilet tissue that does not include inner plastic packaging. 
5. Buy sliced cheese that does not have individually wrapped slices. 
6. Instead of covering your bowl of leftovers with plastic film before microwaving, cover it with a plate.
7. Stop buying plastic zipper bags. You'll be surprised how easy it is to find reusable substitutes. 
8. Shop the bulk food section for items like pasta and beans. Bring your own light-weight reusable bags, and then transfer the food into airtight containers at home. 
9. When buying any product, choose no packaging if possible, but then choose paper over plastic. 
10. Stop buying beverages packaged in plastic bottles. Opt for aluminum, which is much more efficiently recycled. 
11. Stop buying bottled water altogether. Instead, filter your own water and carry it in reusable BPA-free water bottles. 
12. Refuse plastic bags at your dry cleaners, and instead, take a garment bag with you for your cleaned clothes. 
13. Use reusable storage containers instead of plastic wrap for leftovers. 
14. Use wax paper instead of plastic wrap for lunches. 
15. And finally, when you do end up with a plastic bag, plastic bubble wrap or anything else plastic that's meant for a single use, reuse it anyway - and then recycle it properly.
Cherri send me this article about reducing the amount of single use plastic we all use. I particularly like #12. I don't use dry cleaning services much, but I will bring my own garment bag from now on! Thanks Cherri--Teresa


Chelle said...

Do you have any recommendations for substitutes for ziplock bags? We have a lot of glass pyrex dishes but often times turn to ziplock bags because we do run out.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Chelle, I use this fabric produce bags in my frig too, email me


I'll send you some. :) Teresa

Roy D. Slater said...

I'm really a fan of saving on plastic with bpa free water bottles. You can find them a lot of places now and most are pretty durable. Great work on the tips, anything we can do to save the environment will help.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for your comment Roy.