A teensy bit in love…

Aren't these great? I would be happy to give any of the above a new home. And, at VERY reasonable prices, so could you! Read on:


Eco Fashions has partnered with a recycling group in Latin America to bring you products made from discarded truck and tractor tire inner tubes. Instead of ending up in a landfill where they would take years to break down, this group has developed a way to re-use the rubber from inner tubes and fashion them into stylish eco conscious bags and accessories – the ultimate example of what we like to call "upcycling".
Not only are these products good for the environment, the production of these goods is providing employment for local communities and provides individuals a fair living wage, training, and job security.
When you purchase one of these Eco Fashions products, not only are you helping to reduce the number of inner tubes that would be thrown into landfills that pollute the Earth, you are helping communities in need of sustainable employment at fair wages.
It's just another way you can help Eco Fashions promote style with a conscience.

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