Polarn O. Pyret

Have you heard of Polarn O. Pyret? It is a swedish clothing company that I have fallen hard for in the past year. I can't remember when I first heard about them but Little Man needed jeans, Little Girl needed underwear and I was in the market for some pajama pants that didn't ride up my legs while I was sleeping. Enter Polarn O. Pyret, AND, get this, they have a GREAT selection of items in ORGANIC COTTON, even better! The quality is amazing. I'm sold. Here are some things I have gotten in the past year…

these leggings for Little Girl. She LOVES them and wore them constantly this winter. The best thing, well 2 things, NO BAGGY KNEES and ORGANIC cotton. YAY! Right now, they are on sale. Scoop some up.

I also ordered Little Girl these panties. No more riding up. No more undie dances to get them back in place and ORGANIC cotton! Also on sale right now! I wish they made women's panties, I would so order them.
These babies I ordered for myself. Hubby calls them my Dr. Suess pants but I don't care. I love them. They are incredibly comfy and the legs don't ride up while I'm sleeping. YES! Oh, organic too!
I don't have this shirt yet, but would love to wear it this summer. It's on my wish list. I hope they have it in other colors too.
That's it, just thought I would let you know about this great company that offers organic cotton choices. Do you have any favorite companies that have gone organic? Please share. Teresa


My Life as A MOM said...

Teresa :-) I made 32 bags without handle today with my serger. I will working on the handles tomorrow or this weekend. You would be so proud of me. Will be giving some of them away to friends and families. A girl can never have too many grocery bags. LOL!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Awesome Claire! I love it! Keep it up.