An email from Ukraine…

Dear Green Bag Lady team,

A few days ago I got acquainted with your project. It happened occasionally. I was driving home with my friends. The weather was quite dull. We stopped at the local supermarket. After having bought a few necessary things we were returning home. After we have returned I parked my car near the road.
Later that day I was going to park it in the garage and noticed that a used and dirty plastic bag was blown by the wind to the front glass of my car. It just stopped there. After having looked around I noticed another one by the house of our neighbors. I took the bag from the window of my car and the one that was lying on the road and went home.
I was quite angry with the fact that so much garbage is just flying in the city and nobody cares. Later that evening one of my friends told me about the times we had at our school. Sometimes we had an Eco-week. On this day all our class went out to clean the environment. The school days are now gone. But my friend told me about your project and I was happy to know that somebody else cares.
Maybe it does not change the world, but it definitely will change the attitude. Thank you for your work and for your project!

PS. I have attached the photos I took that day. If you can send me one of your bags, I will be happy to become a part of your project and show it to my friends.  

Ganna Candyl

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Yes, we sent a bag! Teresa


harmony said...

awesome. thanks for being the international good Samaritan that you are.

boberskaja said...

oh yeah! this is my country. here now went to the window and there ..... plastic bags hanging on the branches of trees, flying around the city .. Well, why we do not sell these bags are not packed in paper?? sadly

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I completely agree boberskaja. Please start a group to start making fabric bags and giving them out to people. Educate then on how horrible plastic bags are for the environment!