Ukraine Bags!

Thank you for such beautiful bags!
On the feast of Easter in these convenient bags carried into the church to consecrate Easter cakes. :-)

Viktoria & Galina
Zaporizhya, UKRAINE
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Ok, I want in on that Easter festival next year! I'm honored that Green Bag Lady bags could be a part of it! Teresa


Алинка Малинка said...

Hello,I saw your bags to your site, and was ecstatic!
If possible, send me one of these great bags, I don't really like the packages, they are very harmful to the environment. My neighbors, too, wanted to get these bags,if it is possible,in our yard six apartments, each of them has a mistress, who goes shopping, we all don't want to pollute the environment, therefore we are very grateful for your eco-friendly bags.

Bagette Dad said...

You and your neighbors, EACH, need to go enter the Birch Fabrics Freebie going on NOW. READ THE RULES.

Bagette Dad