Russia Bags!

Hi, Teresa!

This is Elena from Russia. My daughter and I want to thank you cordially for the bags we have received from you recently (#18870 & #18871).
They are great for shopping. We now completely refuse from plastic bags, we do not need them any more!

My mom immediately fell in love with our bags. She told me that she would love to get one of these. She goes to the market every day and badly needs a nice bag. I was astonished by the fact that she still uses plastic bags. Trying to persuade her to switch to fabric. My mom would be happy to receive one of your super cute bags if you have some.

Thank you very much again for the bags. Now we can make both our motherland and our mother Earth even better and cleaner!

Please find attached the pic of my daughter Arisha going out for shopping. Of course, carrying her and my new fabric bags along.

Remember me to your kind father!

Best wishes from Russia,

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An email and photo like this makes all those hours of sewing worth while! Thanks Elena for your very kind words. Your daughter is adorable! We will send a bag to your mom. Teresa

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