Betz White + Organic '12 Freebie!

I'm so excited about this Organic '12 freebie. First, Betz White is amazing! I was so excited when I first saw her Sewing Green book that features many repurposed and organic sewing projects. She even features Harmony in the book! Second, I adore this line of organic fabric she designed for Robert Kaufman. So pretty and the fabrics blend together beautifully.

Third, Robert Kaufman was kind enough to send us an entire YARD of all 22 of Betz's fabrics. Yay! SO, we have 22 bags to give away…
So pretty…
 And (drum roll please) 11 stacks of 4 fat quarters up for grabs…
Yes, that's right, 33 people will win this freebie! Thanks to the generosity of Betz and Robert Kaufman!

To enter:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•In your comment tell us your favorite Betz White Stitch fabric. (mine is 11896-238 Garden)

•22 lucky people will win bags & 11 lucky people will win fabric stacks! 33 WINNERS!

•DEADLINE FOR THIS FREEBIE IS 10pm(CST) Tuesday, June 19, 2012.(winners will be posted here & notified by email no later than June 20)

Don't forget to leave us your email! 

Many thanks to Betz (her blog is great!) & everyone at Robert Kaufman for all their awesomeness! 
Best of luck--Teresa

International entries are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful bags and fabric!
I love ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN

Anonymous said...

What beautiful fabrics! My favorite is ABZ 11896-238 Garden.


Helen said...

Love lagoon ABZ-11896-71. Thanks again for another giveaway!

Helen G.

fabem said...

ABZ-11897-238 in Garden looks like happy little crochet loops, I love it. Thanks! ebthorn(at)gmail(dot)com

nlawrence said...

My favorite is ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON
Love Betz White...sure wish shops in my city would cary her line.


hueisei said...

I love this - My Cart: 0 items ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN by Betz White from Stitch
What a beautiful fabrics. I love them.


Soul Role said...


love this blue swirly pattern(among all the others as well!)
My Cart: 0 items
ABZ-11900-4 BLUE

ach! said...

Great project! Congrats! I love ABZ-11897-71 LAGOON. Regards form Poland, ach!

wildkitten said...

Great fabrics and great bags! I love ABZ-11901-71
LAGOON and ABZ-11901-71 ORANGE.

Elisabeth said...

That is a fantabulous giveaway! Thank you so much. My favourite is ABZ-11891-71 Lagoon.


Anonymous said...

I like
ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON



Sarah_L_N said...

What lovely fabrics :)
I like ABZ-11901-185
STEEL and ABZ-11901-238
GARDEN, I can't decide which I like the most! Beautiful colours :)


Unknown said...

Thats a perfect project, Teresa! I like it so much! Your bags is so beatiful!!! I would like to get one of them. if it is possible)) Thanks!

My name: Markin Roman
My address: 241035, Russia, Bryansk, Bryanskoi Prol. Divizii street, 7-29
My e-mail:

WandaFish said...

Wow! I'm a big fan of Betz White and love this fabrc line. I think my favourite is ABZ-11898-238 Garden.
What an incredibly generous giveaway - thanks for the chance to win!


Wendz said...

ABZ-11901-8 ORANGE
I agree, this is a beautiful range of designs, and this is the most fabulous giveaway too. Thanks for the chance to win some.
wendzneil [at] googlemail [dot] com

Sam said...

gorgeous fabric and bags :)

I love ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON


Anonymous said...

All these fabrics are gorgeous! I want all of them! They are bright and sunny.

But the most beautiful of course ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN and ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN. I would like to sew something of these fabrics!

Thank you Teresa! You're very generous.


Polly Primrose said...

All of the designs are fantastic but my favourite is ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON. I would love to win the fat quarters.Thanks as always for such fab giveaways and all that you do. liza1787(at)gmail(dot)com

Sunnybec said...

Another fabulous giveaway! My favourite is ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN, thanks for the chance. Linda


Lisa O. said...

Great fabric, I looked and I think my favorite is ABZ-11896-71

Flametide said...

Betz White Stitch fabric is beautiful, I could not pick a certain one to like. I like them ALL.
Thanks for the wonderful drawing

Helen Serbina said...

I love ABZ-11896-71
LAGOON and ABZ-11902-71 LAGOON!


Anonymous said...

Hard to pick a favororite, but ABZ-11897-71 LAGOON reminds me of my favorite craft - knitting!



BLUE funnymesjc(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

LAGOON is my favorite.


womanwithstixs said...

I love the Garden collection. So beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics especially ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON
Thank you for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I have the bag. I hope I can win the FQs :)
I like the ABZ-11902-71 LAGOON


Diane H said...

What a lovely line of fabrics. I really like the ABZ-11900-4
BLUE ABZ-11900-71 with the cute chain stitch pattern on it. Thanks for such a fun giveaway.


longrun said...

Wow, it's a really hard question. So many nice colors and patterns!

I guess, my favorite is ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON (I liked all samples with hexagons!).

These are very nice too: ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN and ABZ-11902-238 GARDEN.


Lee said...

I love this fabric of hers -

Sam Breen said...

They are all so funky, and I love funky! My favorite is ABZ-11897-238 GARDEN. Thanks for another fantastic giveaway!

hollymade said...

I love ABZ-11894-71

holly.hacker (at) gmail (dot) com

Tatkis said...

Thank you and Betz so much for the giveaway!
My favourite is ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON - so beautiful!

Best wishes,

lorena said...

They're all so great but I like how bright and cheery ABZ-11901-8 Orange is. :)
lorepuckett (at) verizon (dot) net

Unknown said...

My favorite is ABZ-11894-238 GARDEN! amelia[dot]masdin[at]gmail[dot]com

Anonymous said...

I'm a knitter, so I like ABZ-11897-238 GARDEN.


Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love ALL of the fabrics, but my favorite is ABZ-11901-71 LAGOON.


entish said...

Wow, those are lovely!

My favourite fabric is ABZ-11898-71


Venus said...

Love the color palettes. My favorite is ABZ-11897-238 Garden.vt10458(at)yahoo(dot)com

Cole said...

Amazing! I love ABZ-11899-71 LAGOON, but they're all gorgeous.

Ruth said...

Hi Teresa; Thanks for the bag I won! Haven't gotten it yet but am sure I will love it! Would love to win some fat quarters also. ABZ-11895-238 Garden & ABZ-11896-71 are my favorites. Great giveaway!!!

Zuda Gay Pease said...

What a fabulous giveaway!! WOW!! LOVE
ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN fabric, so sweet. My email address is gpease(at)adams(dot)net

Rebecca said...

My favourite is ABZ-11898-238
GARDEN - thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

so pretty. and fabulous work you're doing!
my fav is ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN.
thanks for the chance!


Ruth said...

Oops, forgot to give my email. ruthgates(at)live(dot)com Ruth

Ellie said...

My fave is ABZ-11897-238 Garden :-) ellen(dot)boudreau(at)gmail(dot)com

Beth Upstill said...

Very cool! My fav is abz-11899-71 lagoon.
Beth upstill. Wooldyer@garlic dot com
Many thanks!!

C.E.R. said...

Sheesh, it's so hard to pick just one, but if I must, I'll pick ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN.


Brooke Crook said...

I love this fabric. My favorite is the Garden-11902-238
Bdavi295(at)gmail (dot)com

Laura said...

I love the fabric :) My fave is ABZ-11894-238 GARDEN.


Unknown said...

I love her print ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON. It reminds me of embroidery stitches and appliques.


nmitchell said...

Love all the Betz White fabric, but my favorite is 11896-71 Lagoon! My email is nmitchell79[at]gmail[dot]com.

Lindsay Conner said...

I love ABZ-11894-238 GARDEN and my e-mail is lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com

Robyn said...

I like ABZ-11896-238
GARDEN the best! I love green!
robyndadler (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hilary said...

My favorite is ABZ-11901-185

Thanks for the chance to win!

hilarypeterson AT gmail d0t com

Ida said...

What a great offer!! I love this Betz White Fabric ABZ-11895-238 GARDEN

Anonymous said...


Diana said...

My favorite is ABZ-11896-238
GARDEN. So cute! My address is diana.waite44(at)gmail(dot)com.


Gill said...

I like ABZ-11901-185 STEEL


jillprater said...

Love all of her organic fabrics but 11896-238 Garden is my fave! Thanks! jill(dot)prater(at)comcast(dot)net

Чучулигата said...

Such amazing fabrics. My favourite is ABZ-11896-238 Garden. Thanks! :))

Anonymous said...

My favorite is ABZ-11901-71 LAGOON. Thanks!

Наташа said...

Hello! Thank you for your work and for your ideas!
My favorite is ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON


From Russia with love! Natalia :)

Наталия Балабанчук said...

This is an awesome giveaway that really helps changing not just attitude but the lifestyle! I would love to win the Green Bag! My e-mail is sistercraft(at)mail(dot)ru. All the fabrics look terrific, but ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN is totally exciting! Thanks for your giveaway. Nataliya.

furrrball said...

So many cheerful fabrics that would make fantastic prizes for our child-center charity auction. My favorite is 11895-238
GARDEN. furrrball at yahoo dot com

SunflowerSkies said...

Awesome fabrics! My favorite is probably ABZ-11900-71
Lagoon. Thanks!


Carla G said...

What beautiful fabric! Love it! My favorite is the ABZ-11900-4 BLUE fabric! Thanks for a chance to win! :)
bcgeates at netbistro dot com

JLVerde said...

What a great giveaway!

I love ABZ-11894-71 Lagoon.

madameugly at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

What an exciting giveaway! My favorite is ABZ-11902-238 Garden. Thank you!


Manitoulin Threads said...

My fave fabric is Lagoon ABZ-11897-71. It reminds me of when I learned to knit from a kid's book with knit stitch diagrams - and brings back fond memories of all the different stitches, sewing and knitting, that I learned from my mom.

hpennie at amtelecom dot net

Begoña said...

preciosas todas,mi favorita:ABZ-11896 jardin.mi

Tina in Boston said...

Luv Betz her fabric and her commitmment to green! Thank u! Crimsonbruin at gmail dot com I luv the yellow & grey hexies!

Unknown said...

Thanks again for this great possibilities!
Because I love green color =) I can't choose one , then it will be ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON & ABZ-11901-43 LEAF .


JudyQT said...

Wow! Beautiful fabric! I love ABZ-11902-238 Garden, also. Lagoon is scrumptious, too! I was so inspired by betz' flicker site where she has so many great projects made up! Love to win, but I gotta get me some now! On sale at FQ shop! Too irresistible! judy_toelle(at)msn(dot)com

Bree said...

ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON is awesome!


Jo said...

I love Betz White so much - I made a hand puppet out of an old jumper from her book as part of a present for my mother. She loved it so so much!

I love ABZ-11901-43

Janneena said...

I like ABZ-11902-71 Lagoon. Perfect beachy fabric! :-)


Tiffany said...

I like them all, but if I have to choose I'd pick ABZ-11896-71



Lisa said...

Definately ABZ-11896-238
berendslisa at msn dot com

Silvia said...

I don't think I can choose a favourite! Love them all :)
Thanks for the giveaway,

Marivbg said...

Hello Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the raffle. My favorite color ABZ-11896-238

dimonvb said...

I love ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN

Hello everyone and good luck


Хель said...

Great project and beautiful bags! Thanks a lot! I love ABZ-11897-71 LAGOON.

grann616 said...

Oh my! These are all gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway...really hope I win one this time. My favorite is ABZ-11896-71 Lagoon. Sharon slozano5atearthlinkdotnet

EG said...

Hooray! I love the ABZ-11898-71
LAGOON. I'm ellengraf(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON is lovely.


Maria K. said...

Hi Teresa! Wow all this fabrics are amazing! Very bright and beautiful! My favourite fabric is ABZ-11896-238
Thanks for the chance to win!

My email: belladonnaellas(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I love all of her fabrics, but my favorite is ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN .


Kathy said...

It's hard to pick a "favorite", but I really like: ABZ-11898-71 Lagoon.

winterwrens at gmail dot com

Twila said...


My fave is -11896-238


Love it!!

Katherine said...

I love these gorgeous fabrics from Betz and the totes are divine!

My favourite is: ABZ-11894-238

What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!


Rhonda D. said...

I no longer use plastic bags. I have fabric totes that I carry all
the time. T love ABZ-11899-71
Lagoon. Thanks for the chance to


ellen said...

my favorite is ABZ-11896-71, Lagoon. even like the name, brings back memories of Big Lagoon, in Humboldt County, where i got engaged!


Jan Quigley said...

Oh love the bags!!!
My fave fabric is:
ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN


Faith said...

Wow - such gorgeous fabrics! I think my favorite is ABZ-11896-71
LAGOON, but it's hard to choose! They all bring a smile to my face. :)


Pat said...

My favorite is Lagoon ABZ 11894-71! Great fabrics, thanks for the chance to win some!


Kelly O. said...

I love her whole collection but my fave is probably ABZ-11897-238
sooo pretty!

thanks for the chance to win!
brockdiva at hotmail dot com

Laurie said...

Love them all! I think my favorite is ABZ 11896-238 Garden. Thanks for another great giveaway!


Kathy said...

Super cute fabrics! If I must choose a favorite it would beABZ-11896-238 Garden. What a generous giveaway opportunity, thank you!

Kelli said...

I love this project and the fabrics! My favourite is ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN.



Josefine said...

Love all of these but my favorite is ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON.

jteneback at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...


My favorite is definitely ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN! I always fall for rich exotic patterns. :)

Hoping to win a bag for my mom or a stack of fabric fo her sewing...

Thank you!


hmkt said...


Jen said...

I really like ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN.
my email is jenhobbs2001(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

thankyou for hosting this wonderful givaway.

Erzebat said...

I really like them all. dont know the number on the one. it looks like a rainbow of hexigons. thanks for the give away!

Anonymous said...

My favortie fabric is ABZ-11896-71
LAGOON - actually love them all.

Katie R said...


Windy said...

Oh, I like ABZ-11895-238
GARDEN. But they all are great! Thanks to everyone for the great giveaway.


Anonymous said...

WoW-what a fab collection!
I always have a hard time picking a favorite fabric design---I really like collections--
ABZ-11898-238-Garden would be one of my favs...


Anonymous said...

Oh, pretty! I love ABZ-11896-238

Tammy said...

Lagoon in all colors! Awesome give away!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I fall in love with it... I particular love this ABZ-11898-238-Garden ... I have the bag from you. I love to have the chance to win the fabric. I hope to make my own version using the fabric. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

What a great collection of fabrics! I think my favorite has to be ABZ-11901-185 STEEL.

Marcela : Naturally Fun Days said...

I love the bags and the fabrics... thanks for sharing!
I love LAGOON. That blue is just so beautiful.
naturallyfundays (at) gmail (dot) com said...


The blue lagoon floral/paisley. So pretty! !!

Thanks for hosting such great giveaways! I'm enjoying your pattern and making my own pretty bags, instead of the plain Jane bags the stores sell! Makes me so happy to use them that i never forget them i the car any more when i run into the store!

Tickledpeep(at)yahoo(dot)com said...

Oooh, so pretty! My favourite is ABZ-11894-71 LAGOON and ABZ-11894-238
GARDEN! I love them all though! They look great!


Sarabeth said...

I like them all too! But I pick ABZ-11896-71 Lagoon.

Thanks and good luck with the bag mission!

sarabeth in Mass.

ReaderWoman said...

I am seriously in like with Betz, and with Robert Kaufman as well - those 100% organic cottons are to die for!
I love the possibilities in

Fran said...

Gorgeous fabrics & beautful bags. I love all of Betz's fabrics but my favourite is Lagoon ABZ-111896-71. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

franharrington (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kay said...

How fabulous, thank you for a great giveaway. My favourite is ABZ1189671 Lagoon.

dushyle said...

I love ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN.

Thank you!


A M said...

Beautiful fabrics!
I love ABZ-11901-71 LAGOON.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good morning. my email address

Anonymous said...

My favourite are ABZ-11894-71
LAGOON and ABZ-11902-71
Thanks a lot!

Luvcreatincards said...

What a fab idea and wonderful giveaway chance to win such lovely goodies. As I love love love shabby chic my favorite would have to be:-
ABZ-11901-16 BROWN - sooooooo yummy.


nini said...

What a generous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

My favourite fabric is ABZ-11901-71
LAGOON but I wouldn't mind having ALL of them :D


Unknown said...

We're on an island and really appreciate what you're doing for God's ocean. My favorite is ABZ-11900-4 Blue. I kindof have a thing about blue...

Unknown said...

Oops. nantuckettiechic(at)gmail(dot)com.
It's still ABZ-11900-4. See above...

Unknown said...

Love Betz White designs too. Would love to win. jowynj (at) blueyonder (dot) co (dot) uk

Anna D said...

ok - me again...
Forgot to add my favourite pattern, it's definitly ABZ-11897-71 LAGOON - Love it!


Liz A said...

Hoping I am commenting in time! I live all of the Betz White range, but if I had to choose... ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON.

Thank you for your great work making it easier to say no to plastic bags.


Michele T said...

My favorite pattern is ABZ-11894-71
LAGOON - but they are all sooo pretty!! Thanks!!

Jackie said...

Betz White's fabric is gorgeous and "green" !! Fav = ABZ-11898 -238 Garden. JRSJWhite(at)comcast(dot)net

Kathy said...

Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite is ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN, thanks for the chance. Kathy

Darlington Delights said...

Beautiful fabrics. I'm a LAGOON fan! Thanks for this opportunity!


Megan N said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I really like your Garden but also a big fan of 11896-71 Lagoon.

My email address is moogielight(at)gmail(dot)com

LeAnne said...

I can only pick one? I like the whole line. ABZ-11895-238
Garden is really nice.
LeAnne L
lalaw at douglasfast dot net

memmens said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous prints, my fav is ABZ-11902-238 GARDEN, the chevron print. thanks for the giveaway

lindag1947 said...

Lovely fabric. lindagerig@

Steph Jacobson said...

My favorite is ABZ-11901-185
STEEL. I love a good gray fabric!

stephkucera (at) hotmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

hi, im from russia an i really want to get the bag, but I do not know what it is "ABZ-11902-238 GARDEN" may be because I am from Russia?) but I would like a bag of green)
thanks,my emai

cricket53 said...


it's hard to pick a favorite, but i really love 11895-71 LAGOON.

what a great giveaway!

Andrea said...

I love chain stitch, so my fave is ABZ-11900-4 BLUE.

Bethany Perala said...

My favorite is ABZ-11900-71
LAGOON. The greens are so beautiful!


Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

They are all gorgeous, but if my life depended on it, I'd pick ABZ-11901-71
LAGOON thanks for the giveaway jorobexeter(at)gmail(dot)com

Create With Christie said...



all you need is love said...

Woot Woot. Where have I been to not know about this amazing giveaway and great fabric. Thanks for making my mouth water.


Stitchlilly said...

Nice to see more fun, organic fabrics becoming available!

Angelika said...

What a lovely idea! Thank you for the chance to win!
My fav is ABZ-11896-71


The Snicklefritz said...

I really like ABZ-11898-238
GARDEN, but all of Betz White's fabrics are lovely.


Kristy said...

I really like the ABZ-11898-238
GARDEN and the ABZ-11902-238
GARDEN It's a beautiful collection!Thanks for the giveaway!

hopefulthreads at yahoo dot com

dawn said...

AHA-11-896-71 Lagoon so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love them all! If I had to choose just one it would be ABZ-11899-71
LAGOON. Glad to be directed to your blog by Betz.

simone/thedewdriesup said...

My fav is ABZ-11894-238 GARDEN, but it was a hard choice! Thanks! thedewdriesup(at)gmail(dot)com

tracymcc330 said...

I really like the Garden fabrics ABZ 11898-238 and 11902-238

Tracymcc330 at hotmail dot com

laura said...

What a great thing, but too diffficult to choose one. It would be garden. Laura

IndigoMuse said...

I'm so glad that I found your site through Betz's Twitter account. What a cool concept and great give-a-way! I love all of the fabric but my fave is abz-11897-238 Garden. My email is indigomuse (at) msn (dot) com . Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Betz White! I've been following her blog for few months now and I am so inspired. I love the new fabric #ABZ-11894-71 LAGOON. Even the name is dreamy. Thanks for entering me in the contest to win one of these great prizes! dpren193(at)

comment moved here by admin.

Barbara Jane said...

What a generous and wonderful idea - giving away lovely bags and saving the earth.

I love Crewel Garden!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags and fabric!!! Would love to win. Love ABZ-11900-71


Anonymous said...

These are all so beautiful :) My favorite fabric is ABZ-11896-71
LAGOON - love the colors.

Anya said...

Oh, I love the whole collection but if I must choose one, I'd go with ABZ-11901-71 LAGOON.

The bags are beautiful! Thanks for the fun giveaway and all your hard work.


mo said...

Thank you for the freebies! I love ABZ-11896-238 Lagoon

Leslie said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway! My favorite is ABZ-11902-238 Garden. But I love the whole collection!

Sharon Dawn said...

Your Bag Project is a fabulous idea!! We live in rural Alaska and the plastic bags on the tundra grow every year. I have tried to do my part and never take them even when traveling. I have been on a "Bag Making" kick this past year in a search for the perfect bag. I will try yours next!! Thanks for the pattern!!

My favorite Betz White fabric is ABZ-11896-238
GARDEN, although choosing one is challenging.

Great video with your demonstration!

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Wow! Thank you for the generous give-a-way! I really like the
ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN.


Barbara Konkle said...

I love ABZ-11896-71
LAGOON that color is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win! What a fantastic giveaway!

Yoga with Gaileee said...

Loving the orange colors! But, ABZ-11901-8 ORANGE is a favorite of mine!

gaileee at yahoo dot com

Thank you!

SewCalGal said...

What fun. Beautiful fabric and bags. I love using unique bags.
All the fabric is beautiful, but ABZ 11896-238 Garden is my favorite. Love working in my garden!


Ramona said...

Your bags look so cute in Betz's fabric. ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Very difficult to choose one favorite but I do love ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN. I love Betz' blog and read it regularly! Thanks, Kim

annemarie said...

Wow this is great - I love ABZ 11897-238 Garden. Anne Marie a (dot)haun(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Lynne said...

Awesome fabric choices! I like most ABZ-11901-71 LAGOON
Thank you,
myrv4me at gmail dot com

Michele said...

What a hard choice, but I do love ABZ-11896-71 Lagoon. Thanks .

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite is ABZ-11894-71
LAGOON, but they are all great! sweepluv09(at)gmail(dot) com

Monica said...

what a lovely giveaway! I like: ABZ-11902-238 GARDEN

Sue said...

I am not sure what it is I like so much about fabric.... but that's just the way it is :)

My favorite is ABZ-11898-71 LAGOON.

And my email is

Beautiful day to you!

Linda said...

I have one of your bags and I love it! llfrostatsunflowerdotcom

KAM said...

I love every one of Betz' fabrics but will choose ABZ-11901-8 ORANGE .
My e-mail address is snicklefritzin43(at)hotmail(dot)com

Would surely like to win any of her fabrics in a great shopping bag.

JC in TX said...

Love love all these designs - I read her description of her idea source and thought she was talking about my Mom & Grandmother. Hits really close to home. Most favorite is ABZ-11897-71 LAGOON


diane said...

They are all such pretty fabrics it's hard to choose. I'd have to go with ABZ-11899-71 LAGOON.


We Miss Rachel said...

Absolutely beautiful fabric! Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite is ABZ-11896-71 LAGOON.

BethA said...

ABZ-11901-71 Orange is one of my favs...but truly, I love them all!
Thanks for sharing!
Beth Wulff

Mary Ann said...

I LUV the ABZ-11896-238
GARDEN ! LUUUUV all of these fabrics!

MerryWA said...

How generous! Yay

Lalitha said...

I love ABZ-11896-238
GARDEN email is lkinatukara(at)gmail(dot)com
Thank you.i would love to make some shopping bags.

Anonymous said...

11897-71 lagoon, if I had to narrow it down to just one. ;)


Thanks for the generous giveaway!!!

Jennifer Ward said...

Great giveaway! I love ABZ-11896-71


Thanks so much!

Carol said...

WOW!! Awesome bags!!!

My favorite fabric is ABZ-11896-238 GARDEN.. I LOVE the greens!!!


Emily said...

Love ABZ 11897 238 Garden! Thanks for the chance!


Gail said...

It's difficult to choose just one, with so much beauty. But my favorite is Lagoon ABZ-11897-71. I love the fat quarter stacks, they have so many possibilities! Thank you for this great giveaway opportunity.


Julia said...

I love Betz too! I have one of her felted cupcake pincushions. Got it before she moved away from MN.

I think my favorite fabric is:
ABZ-11898-238 GARDEN

Hexagons are so (in)!


Martyso said...

How exciting!

My favorite is
ABZ-11900-71 Lagoon

quiltmom anna said...

Lots of beautiful fabrics _Garden- ABZ
11896-238 is my favorite
Thanks for the chance to win such nice fabrics.
Regards from Western Canada,

b said...

Such cute fabrics. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really like ABZ-11896-238

Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Angela said...

I know her patterns better than her fabric, but I would grab a stash of ABZ-11896-238
if I could!

stephanie said...

ABZ-11895-238 GARDEN is gorgeous! my email is moussy10(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabrics and neat bags! I love the blue Leaf Stitched Hexagon 11899-71. almills(at)iowatelecom(dot)net

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