Nashville Bags!

Hi, Teresa!

Here is Jerry and I and our just purchased at the West Nashville Farmers Market local produce (not pictured) in our lovely Green Bag Lady bags. It all fits together so well! We absolutely love our Les Indiennes bags to pieces; they are light, compact, organic, hand printed, super stylish and made with a conscious purpose.

While shopping at the market, I spotted your bags in use at the locally made salsa vendor’s booth (image attached). You can see this young vendor happily modeling one of his Green Bag Lady bags for me.

I also met a nice lady by the name of Corrine. I remembered her from the recent Green Bag Lady event at the West Nashville Farmers Market. We struck a conversation and I learned that she took her Green Bag Lady bag to Cuba and gifted her to someone there. Corrine told me that she thought that you wanted your bags to go far and wide, so that is what she did by taking it all the way to the Caribbean!

Thanks for everything, Teresa!

Gaia Melkumova
Vice President of Operations


Gaia said...

I forgot to mention, Teresa, that Corinne was shopping at the market with another re-usable bag. I was pleased to see that. :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...