France Bag!

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for this wonderful bag! Jane gave some of them out the other day. I love the one I got. :) What a great idea - I also love reusing bags, so this is perfect for me. Especially right now, in France, since I don't have my usual collection from home. I've already used it a bunch of times. Si pratique! :)

(See below -I'm the one on the left holding the bag I chose. The castle behind us is the chateau of Angers. :))

Thanks again!
You are most welcome Holly! 

FYI, my sister, Jane, that Holly is referring to is in Angers, France at the moment getting additional certification for her teaching job as a high school french teacher. She took 20 Green Bag Lady bags with her to distribute. Thanks Jane and thanks for the great photo Holly! Teresa


Gaia said...

Oh là là! :) Teresa's bags are reaching all corners of the Earth!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

With the help of my sister!