Russia Bag!

Hello, Teresa! We've received our bags. Its wonderful! Now it's my favorite bag of shopping. Thank you very much!!! This is my sister's photo with my bag =)

Elena T

Moscow, CENTRAL, RUSSIA--18969

Olga T

Moscow, CENTRAL, RUSSIA--18970


Gaia said...

Hi, Teresa! I really enjoy seeing pictures of the bag receipients with their beutiful and functional bags. I must admit that I am a bit partial to the images you receive from Russia. I feel warm and fuzzy about my native county women when I see their pictures. I could be completely wrong, but the fact that they follow up with you more than others tells me that they very much appreciate your bags and yours truly does, too! THANK YOU!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Gaia, I feel like I have a bunch of Russian friends! :)