Russia Bag!

Hello, thank you Teresa for your wonderful prizes, and for what are you doing for the world and the environment.

My name is  Natalia and I'm 22, this year I graduated from university and went to  graduate school and now work at the university. My job is the best  thing in my life, because I like to communicate with people. I got your fabric but still    do not sew something with it , but  i use  a bag with pleasure, with it I went for groceries, it is very practical and convenient.

For a long time I try to eliminate from my life of plastic bags but it is not always possible. My mom 10 years ago, sewed their own bags for shopping, we use them constantly but they are already worn out. I live in the capital of Russia, in Moscow, and it is no secret that this is great city growing and with a terrible environment .
I certainly was lucky, I live on the outskirts and across the street from the house I have a huge park where I walk, feed the squirrels and just enjoy ,but even in protected places, people manage to litter. If I see some trash in the woods, I always try to collect it and throw it. I think if people want to enjoy nature and see the world around them clean, they must first begin with ourselves. In the summer when I can go to her grandmother in the village, I rest all my heart because there were still clean and beautiful place.

I add to this letter of your photos bags, fabrics , and also a couple of pictures in the park and nature in the countryside.

I'm glad to read your blog I wish you new achievements of joy and love and that the world has changed in the better and people started to think about their actions.

With best regards, Natalia.

#20598 Moscow, Russia


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I would like to comment on how heart warming this note is from Natalia. I'm so glad she is enjoying her bag and trying ti make a difference in her own country. Thanks Natalia!

Sharon Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts, Natalia!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for the nice comment Sharon!