Happy Pups!

Hello Teresa!

Here at WHE we are SO grateful for your beds, they are wonderful, I love
that they are from recycled products, and that they don't contain the
dangerous "fluff" that dogs sometimes can't help but pull out and eat. The
seniors really seem to enjoy them. The three poodles actually prefer them
to the memory foam beds we also have around the house.

I wanted to give you some information on our rescue:

We are a chartered not for profit organization in the state of Tennessee.
However, we do not have our 501c3 yet, as it is an incredibly expensive
and time consuming process and our funds are tied up with our seniors'
vetting etc. I am slowly plugging away at the application as I find the

You can find pretty much anything you would like to know on our website:
www.willyshappyendings.org  (I am sure you will appreciate that we chose a 
'green' web host powered entirely by wind energy!)

By 'liking' us on facebook: www.facebook.com/willyshappyendings

And view our adoptable dogs on petfinder:

Again, from the bottom of mine and the seniors' hearts we thank you for
donating these wonderful beds.

Rafi Johnson
Director, Willy's Happy Endings
'because old dogs need Love too'


Rafi Johnson said...

Thank you again!

The seniors are still enjoying your beds, it is so nice to see them comfortable and happy.


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are most welcome Rafi, happy to help!